Welcome to LiWa Organic

Our brand Liwa Organic was created with total focus on sustainability and eco-friendly clothes made of natural and organic materials such as hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. 

Why choose Organic clothes?

Why should you avoid non-organic cotton?

Organic Living

The best things come from the nature and are plant-based


We are all from the same planet

Hemp & Bamboo

The Hemp and Bamboo fabric is perfect for warm summer days, since the breathable fabric prevents the growth of bacteria as there will be no sweat and moisture on the skin meaning less odours too. The fabric will also keep a person warm during the cold months in the winter.

Blog posts

Green Carpet Movement

Green Carpet Movement

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100% Organic Cotton T-shirts

100% Organic Cotton T-shirts

We have a new collaboration with a local desginer in Malaga, Spain, who has t-shirts for her and him in 100% organic cotton.  They look so cool! Ha...
Christopher Columbus or the Vikings

Christopher Columbus or the Vikings

Did Christopher Columbus introduce cannabis to the new world or was it the vikings? No one can for sure say what was going on back in the days, but...