100% Organic Cotton T-shirts

We have a new collaboration with a local desginer in Malaga, Spain, who has t-shirts for her and him in 100% organic cotton. 

They look so cool! Have a look at our ecological clothing on Products.


What is Organic Cotton?

Organic Cotton is cotton that's grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides while growing. It is usually grown on land that has been treated and given sufficient time, at least 3 years, for the removal of all the toxic residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used earlier on it for other farming. The cotton is from original plants, meaning plants that are not genetically modified and that have not been treated with any chemicals (washes, bleaches, colors, or scents) during its processing and packaging.


There are no traces of chemicals from organic cotton clothing; thus, people with allergies or/and with specific chemical sensitivity will greatly benefit from using organic cotton in clothing fabric. It feels better on your skin too even if you are not suffering from allergies or chemical sensitivities.  In addition, most of those who are loyal to organic cotton clothes swear that it smells better than the usual cotton types just like hemp and bamboo clothing. 


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