6 tips on how to be sustainable this Christmas

Con­sumers and banks are much too hap­py to ben­e­fit from christmas shopping, but have you paused to cal­cu­late the cost of shop­ping on the en­vi­ron­ment?


6 tips to leave a light ecological footprint this christmas

  1. Don’t stop consuming - Buy sustainable and organic clothes and products that are better for the enviroment
  2. Make your own christmas gifts – DIY is so much fun and so much more worth for the reicever
  3. Use newspaper or recycled paper when wrapping your gifts
  4. Support local shops and small businesses to avoid shipping costs
  5. Don’t overbuy your christmas food – 7 out of 10 people edmit bying way to much food on christmas, two thirds edmit throwing most of the turkey or ham in the bin. Poor enviroment, poor animals
  6. Buy less meat and dairy – there are so many vegan and vegetarian reciepts online and yes i have tried a few, they tasted awesome.

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