Naked Lady Party

Last saturday we had an event called ''Naked lady party''. I know it sounds awesome! And it is. And very much sustainable.

We were about 11 ladies gathered together at our place. Before the event, everyone goes though their wardrobes and collect everything they don't use anymore.

And this time we took it to a new level, people brought pretty much everything from their household to share with others. 

We had so much fun and everyone went home with new clothes and accessories. 

I will share some pictures with you, not too many since all the ladies are half naked pretty much all the time.

The competition is on!

Sorry for blury picture, the ladies were crazy.

Our cats loved the attention they got. The other cat was deep sleeping on the sofa filled with clothes and people.



And this is how much that was left the day after! We will give these clothes to the homeless here in Fuengirola, Spain.

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  • Wow! I will definitely do the same thing with my friends! So smart! :) Very cute cat hidden in between <3


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