Who are we?

We are a clothing company and online store with clothes made from natural and organic fibres such as hemp, bamboo and linen.

As our clothes are all natural and plant based, they contribute to the protection of our precious environment.

And it is because hemp and bamboo  require less water for growth, since rainfall is more than enough, but they also grow extremely fast and don't need acres of land, which helps towards saving our planet’s forests and animals.

It also gives you the chance to wear comfortable and soft materials.

We also have a phycical store in the city we live in, Fuengirola in Spain where we also have our partners SativaSana who are experts in natural oils and products like hemp oil and CBD oil. We believe that more and more people are opening their eyes to organic and eco-friendly products which is a must if we want to change this bad cycle we have started.

Not only do we use eco-friendly and organic material to help save our planet, we also strive to spread the message about equality and equity, veganism, LGBT, and feminsm.

Equality: We are all from the same planet. We are all as much worth.

And we all know that the only think that should be seperated by color is laundry, isnt that right? We need to work together to change things.

Veganism: Because its a must if we want to save our planet.

For example, one liter of cow milk (in Sweden) results in 1 kg CO2 emissions while 1 liter of oat milk only emits 0,3 CO2. So just by changing your cow milk to oat milk, or rice milk, in your morning coffee will help towards saving the enviroment and our planet.

LGBT: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Love has no gender

Feminism - Because we cannot succed when half of us are held down.

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